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August 24, 2017 Food Truck Tracker
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Truck List

Menu details and truck photos

  • 2 Girls 4 Wheels
  • Andrew’s Bayou Ribs (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Baked & Loaded (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Bombay Food Junkies
  • Burger Ink (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Cha Cha Chow
  • Cheese Shack
  • Chop Shop
  • City Greens
  • Completely Sauced
  • Curbside Cookery (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Deli on a Roll (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Destination Desserts
  • Fire & Ice Cream (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Go Gyro Go
  • Guerrilla Street Food
  • Holy Crepe
  • Hot Aztec (last tweet > 1 week)
  • La Tejana Taqureia
  • L’Ecole Culinaire (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Legghorns and Shakes (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Lulu’s
  • My Big Fat Greek Truck
  • Rack + Clutch (Retail Truck)
  • Roberto’s Trucktoria (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Sarah’s Cake Stop
  • Seoul Taco
  • Shell’s Coastal Cuisine (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Slice of the Hill
  • Smokin’ Monkey (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Speedway Eatery (last tweet > 1 month)
  • St Louis’ Finest (last tweet > 1 month)
  • St Louisiana Q
  • Steamroller
  • Stely Belly (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Street Life
  • Taco Truck
  • Taste-D-Burger
  • The Meltdown (last tweet > 1 month) (last tweet > 1 month) (last tweet > 1 month) (last tweet > 1 month)
  • Sweet Divine
  • Vincent Van Doughnut
  • Walk Away Waffles
  • Yo! Taco
  • Zias On The Hill

  • Retired Food Trucks

  • Falafelwich Wagon
  • Feed Me
  • Kreamwich
  • Papa Tom’s Fancy Franks
  • Pi On The Spot
  • Sausage Syndicate
  • Sicily Streat
  • Summer Truck

  • Slice of the Hill opens! (5/2)0 comments

    Slice of the Hill food truck opens today (5/2)! They serve pizza and salads.

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    Food Trucks in Frontier Park for dinner service (4/16)0 comments

    Just in case you are wondering where all of the food trucks are during lunch today (4/16), many of them are prepping for tonight’s Frontier Park festivities.   Here is a link to the flyer .

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    New trucks: Yo! Taco @JohnYolos & Bombay Food Junkies @bombayfoodtruck0 comments

    Yo! Taco  (healthy Mexican) just started serving and  Bombay Food Junkies  (Indian cuisine) is coming soon!

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    Added new truck: Deli on a Roll @DELIonaROLL1 comment

    Thanks to Mary and Connie for the alert on Deli on a Roll ‘s launch!

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    Pi Truck’s Last Day @PiTruckSTL2 comments

    Pi Truck is retiring ! 🙁  Their last day is today (7/31) as Wells Fargo.

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    Faust Park Tonight (7/26)!1 comment

    So far, the line-up for tonight’s Faust Park food truck event (5-9 pm – West County) is:

    Cha Cha Chow
    Chop Shop
    Papa Tom’s
    Sarah’s Cake Stop
    Sausage Syndicate
    Shell’s Coastal ( unconfirmed )
    Speedway Eatery

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    New truck Curbside Cookery @CurbsideCookery0 comments

    Curbside Cookery is officially launching today (7/24) at #FoodTruckRow, serving their grilled sandwiches and burritos.

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    Tonight is the 3rd Art Hill @STLArtMuseum (7/20)0 comments

    Tonight’s Art Hill will be featuring STL food trucks (Completely Sauced & The Sweet Divine) at 7pm and a free showing of A Hard Day’s Night at 9pm.  The location is Art Hill Plaza in Forest Park ( map ).  Here is the official SLAM website with more information.

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